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Activity option 1: purchase two power boards for more than $15, reduce $2 (15-2 = 13) Activity option 2: buy 3 power boards for more than $18 and reduce $3 (18-3 = 15) Activity option 3: purchase 3 power boards for more than $25, reduce $4 (25-4 = 21) Let you buy one power plug-in board price in other stores = you can buy two power plug-in boards in our store.

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Some buyers reported that the current of our electrical plug-in boards was low. Only 1A, we did the following tests: 1Using a non-standard charging cable, the result is 1A 2 It can reach the rated current requirement of 1.6A or more with the original Huawei charging cable Conclusion: Without investigation, there is no right to speak. Our board is up to standard

This product is a 3-plug, current voltage 250V-10A, rated power 2500 watts, USB total voltage output 5V, total current 2A [single hole or multiple jacks at the same time, the total power must not exceed the socket rated power 2500W] suitable for computers \\ TV\\rice cooker\\induction cooker\\hair dryer\\microwave oven\\refrigerator\\fan\\audio\\router\\table lamp\\mobile phone\game machine and other small power appliances. If it is an air conditioner, electric water heater, heater and other 16A plug products, it cannot be used.(3C certification), quality assurance, factory direct sales, buy wall climbing stickers, buy more and send more] Length is 0.8M, 1.8M, 2.8M, 4.8M

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