Multifunction Wire Cutter Pliers

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Multi-function Wire Cutter Pliers Industrial Grade Electric Wire Stripping Crimping Vise Strong Manual Home Repair Tools


1. Non-slip wear-resistant PVC handle
2. Clamping function, clamp head can hold nails, etc.
3. Screw-off function, gear design can be screwed
4. Shear function for cutting steel wire
5. Pulling the nail function, easy and effortless
6. Pressure line stripping function


Chrome vanadium steel high hardness knife edge
Multifunctional alloy wire cutter
Multifunctional alloy diagonal pliers
Multifunctional alloy needle nose pliers

Package Including:

1 * Wire Pliers


1:Can be used as a spanner

2:Pressing line function:it can be pressed2.5⊃2;,4⊃2;,6⊃2;

3:Stripping function:peeling 1.5⊃2;, 2.5⊃2;,4⊃2;,6⊃2;,8⊃2;

4:Firm grip:the clamp head can hold cement nail,can be used as pump clamp

5:Shearing function:it can cut 1MM and 3MM steel wire rope of 3inch nails

6:Can be twisted straight wire wire ,wire threding wire  than the ordinary  clamp tighter

7:Never environment-friend PVC non-slip handle

Stripper mouth at a forging,long-term use

CR-V Chrome vanadium steel forged,the edge is sharperCR-V Chrome vanadium steel forged,the edge is sharper

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