Silencer Shoot Nail Tool Kit

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1. The total weight is less than 1KG, the shape is handy, it works smoothly, and it is easy to carry to various scenes. This product does not require a power source, because it has noise reduction, it will not produce smoke and dust, which is very energy-saving.
2. We can penetrate any material, including steel, wood, concrete floors, and walls. It can perfectly display your ideas when you decorate or DIY.
3. Our SILENCER SHOTS NAIL GRAB uses the latest air compression technology and special noise reduction nails, so you don't need to carry extra power or gas cylinders.
4. Silence: Different from ordinary nailer, our noise reduction ability is extremely excellent, so you can work with peace of mind without disturbing others.
5. Strong and durable: not easy to break, lower loss, internal springs, can better protect the inner structure from damage, and will not deform, at least can withstand millions of ejections.

1. Actual color may be slightly different from the image due to different monitor and light effect. Please allow 1-3cm deviation due to manual measurement.
2. Objects may have Logo, if you want to know, please contact us. If you mind, please do not bid.
3. The color of product is random.

Size: 280x110mm
Application scope: tooling ceiling, line pipe fixing, electric box installation, air conditioning, ventilation duct installation, etc.


Choice 1:
1 x Silencer Shoots Nail Grab
10 x nails

Choice 2:

20 x Silencer Nails


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